Meet Jane

Jane Steet
Accredited Hand Therapist • Occupational Therapist

Meet Jane , with over 25 years of experience, both nationally and internationally.

Jane is passionate about all things hands, whether it’s a sporting or work place injury, a pre or post surgical condition or decreased function after a stroke. Her secret love is treating the wrist and all it’s complexities.

Jane has advanced clinical practice in Hand Therapy and is an Accredited Hand Therapist. She also has specialty training in Neurological Developmental Techniques (NDT) and often blends techniques to bring you the best outcomes for your hand and upper limb.

Jane enhances her practical expertise by regularly attending National and International conferences and workshops and has had the pleasure of treating Olympic, Paralympic and Professional Athletes.

Jane believes it is a team approach that helps clients achieve their goals and collaborates closely with Plastic, Orthopedic and Neurological surgeons, GP’s and rehab or return to work consultants to ensure the best outcomes for her clients

When Jane is not in the clinic , you’ll find her in the mountains – mountain biking, back country skiing , volunteering with disability WinterSports (DWA), or at her local beach surfing.

If you are ready to transform your hand, wrist or elbow then please contact us.

Why Therapy Worx

Registered Therapists

Your treatment will be performed by registered and accredited therapists with APRHA and AHTA. As an Accredited Hand Therapist, we have specialised in the upper limb and undergone extensive training and mentoring compared to a regular OT or PT.

Friendly & Nurturing Clinic

Our clinic breaks down the  stereotypical practice and allows you to feel relaxed, as if you were being treated in your own comfortable home

Professional Treatments

We listen to what you have to say and  assess, diagnose and treat all hand , wrist and elbow conditions and injuries. We bring you the best outcomes and return you to what you love doing best.

Practitioners Network

We liaise closely with all your health practitioners and refer to specialist Plastic and Orthopedic hand surgeons as required. We have direct personal contact with some of the leading specialists in Melbourne , which can fast track your rehab journey