We offer extensive Hand Therapy and Upper Limb Rehab

We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive hand and upper limb services to meet the needs of clients aged 0-100+. Our team of professional therapists specialise in  client centered care and  evidence based treatments to bring you the outcomes you need

Condition Treated

Include sports injuries, work injuries, arthritis, finger or thumb dislocations, trigger fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, upper limb pain, and mallet fingers to name a few.

Orthoses, Splints & Braces

Our Hand Therapists can fabricate an orthosis immediately or custom fit an off the shelf brace in one session to start your healing today.

Education & Guidance

Many decisions such as exercises, timeframes and reassurances can be helpful in your recovery journey.

Why Therapy Worx

Your treatment will be performed by registered and accredited therapists with APRHA and AHTA. As an Accredited Hand Therapist, we have specialised in the upper limb and undergone extensive training and mentoring compared to a regular OT or PT.

Our clinic breaks down the  stereotypical practice and allows you to feel relaxed, as if you were being treated in your own comfortable home

We listen to what you have to say and  assess, diagnose and treat all hand , wrist and elbow conditions and injuries. We bring you the best outcomes and return you to what you love doing best.

We liaise closely with all your health practitioners and refer to specialist Plastic and Orthopedic hand surgeons as required. We have direct personal contact with some of the leading specialists in Melbourne , which can fast track your rehab journey

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
accident or degenerative condition, we welcome the opportunity to treat you.